Friday, June 13, 2008

Random thoughts on Friday

What a great (and busy) time it's been lately!

The big news for the week (year, decade, millennium), is my daughter, Cailyn, graduates Saturday from the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center! Her emphasis of study has been music composition. Several pieces she's written have already been performed. Cailyn plays the flute, piano, guitar and several other minor instruments. We are all super excited, and yes, there will be photos next week! Next year she's off to college (yet to be determined) to study, what else, music. It's neat the creative apple didn't fall too far from the tree!!


Several commercial portrait assignments this week allowed me to experiment with multiple light and create some really cool images. Examples coming in a few days, after the client receives the photos.

Using many lights to shape and add drama to a photo is really nothing new (I've been doing it for decades), but with today's "smart" flashes it's both exciting and challenging. Usually the challenge is to get them all to go off at the same time! More on that in another post later on...


This week I had the pleasure of photographing Sheena and David's eSession in Oakland and on the Southside. They're a super sweet couple and I'm really excited to photograph their wedding this coming October. We had a great time and ended the shoot with a wonderful dinner on the Southside. Here are a couple shots from the session...


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