Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Megan and Bill's Excellent Wedding!

Wow, where did THIS WEEK GO? My sincere apologies to all who have been waiting to grab a sneak peek at Megan and Bill's awesome wedding, so finally and without further ado, here are a few of my favs.

Thanks again guys, it was so much fun. Enjoy your honeymoon!

This little guy was out like a light during the ceremony.

One of my favorite shots of the day, and I wasn't even behind the camera (and no, I didn't have an assistant either).

This series is so fun! Give a boy a mirror and watch him go to town making faces.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Duquesne University Wedding

In a few hours I'll be photographing the wedding of Megan and Bill at the Duquesne University Chapel.

Because the couple live out of town, the last time we actually saw each other was a few months ago at her sister's wedding, which I also photographed. So right after their rehearsal Friday night I stole them away to do a quick "engagement" session at Megan's favorite place on campus.

Come back Sunday for a few shots of the wedding!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nick + Sarah

Just finished this very cool album for Nick + Sarah. I love these guys, they trusted me to select the images to best tell their story. Of course they had the final say and they said yes, with no changes! What an awesome compliment, thanks guys, you're the best!!

Click the link below to see their book...

Nick + Sarah's Album

Monday, July 14, 2008

Amanda & John's Wedding Show

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do. I can't imagine a more perfect song. Talk to you guys soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weirton WV Wedding 07.12.08

Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the day with Amanda and John for their wedding at the Weirton Heights Memorial Baptist Church in Weirton, WV. Originally from West Virginia the couple now calls North Carolina home.

We started early at Legal Hair Salon and Day Spa where the girls got some fabulous styles.

Soon it was time to dive into the dress, almost literally! Amanda’s father, Bart, couldn’t hold back the tears when he saw her for the first time.

After a beautiful service by Rev. William C. Stout it was on to make a few special pictures. Since the couple was from a steel town I couldn’t resist suggesting we shoot next to some giant steel coils I spotted while scouting the area. We also did some photos on the railroad tracks near a mill. As you can imagine passersby were quite curious why we were making wedding photos in such an unusual location!

Amanda rode on John’s back for a very special entrance to the reception. After a nice meal prepared by the staff at the Knights of Columbus hall it was time to party!

Thanks so much guys, it was so much fun! I hope you had a good trip home and I'll be talking with you soon.

Very cool shoes!

Rev. Stout had a tissue to the rescue when Amanda started crying during the vows

Bubbles are awesome!

First dance. I love my 85mm 1.2 lens!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Lisa and David

Saturday I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Eddie Macko at Lisa and David's wedding. It's always great to team up on a big event. Eddie booked the wedding so I was there in a supporting role this time. Here are a few images from the day...

We started coverage at Phipps Conservatory outdoor gardens with a "First Look" session

The competition gets younger and younger all the time!

Last Dance, and Lisa had the same beautiful smile she had from the moment we met her.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Station Square eSession!

Megan and Ernie will be married next month, but Wednesday evening we went out on the town for their engagement session. After seeing some of the recent e-shoots I've done Megan asked if they could do one too because they looked so fun. And they are fun! After exploring the Station Square area for a time we paused for a wonderful dinner at The Melting Pot. Ironically, that's the same restaurant Ernie took Megan the night they became engaged! I love serendipity!!

Great light and great love... an unbeatable combination!

Great light makes great shadows

Lovin in the elevator! Great lights!!