Friday, March 31, 2006

Wedding Photography Seminar

What an awesome week I spent studying with the amazing wedding photography master Mike Colon! For those who don't know, Mike is this incredible photographer from California who shoots uber high end and celebrity weddings. He's also one of the greatest, most generous and caring guys you will ever meet. What a way to get pumped up for the wedding season!

Thursday was our final day of photography. To shake it up a bit we went to the South Side of Pittsburgh for the wide range of urban locations it offers. Our first great find was within ten feet of the parking lot -- a bright graffiti covered wall.

Next, we stopped for a few minutes to shoot with my friends at Bloom's Cigars. Great location, great light, a beautiful girl and wonderful cigars -- it doesn't get much better!

After a few hundred pictures around Bloom's it was time for coffee, and what better place for a cup o' joe on the South Side than The Beehive? But that joe would have to wait for a bit. As we approached the coffee house we saw two great looking young women hanging out soaking up some rays. Mike asked permission to photograph them and we were off again shooting like mad. The woman had the most enchanting eyes I've seen. We got some amazing pictures of them alone and with our bride.

But before we knew it the week was over and we were saying our goodbye. Why does time always fly when you're having fun?