Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heinz Hall Wedding 06.21.08

This was one of those weddings I KNEW was going to be over the top from the moment I first met Marcia and Ron almost a year ago. The more Marcia talked about their plans the more excited I got. When she called back to book I literally did the happy Snoopy dance! On Saturday my anticipation and expectation was realized, it was indeed a wedding to remember!

Marcia and Ron are such a awesome couple – they met at work, dated on the low down (no fraternizing at work), fell in love and on Saturday married at the Heinz Hall garden, surrounded by great friends and family. The blending of their respective cultures and religions was handled with grace and style. Calling this a “beautiful wedding” would be a monstrous understatement.

The reception was incredible! First off, it was held at the uber stylish Privilege Ultralounge in the Strip. A Chinese ribbon dancer, dragon dancers and others performed between introductions of parents and the bridal party. The Boilermaker Jazz Band provided absolute killer music (proven by the packed dance floor all night). And, to top off the evening right, their cater, the divine Greco’s Gourmet Catering, served a mouth watering Chinese feast prepared on site!

Guys, thank you SO much for everything, it was truly an honor, a privilege and a joy to be a part of your day!

It's hard to go wrong with a bride this beautiful...

and a groom this good looking

Long strings of buttons make for cool pictures!

There are so many great places to make pictures in Heinz Hall!

An emotional father daughter dance

The cake was made from Styrofoam to avoid any chance of face smashing!


Marcia said...

absolutely amazing terry, just unbelieveable!!!

Ray Santana said...

I love the colors TC your the man !!! goodtimes

Duane Leamer said...

You have a great talent...I cant believe how wonderful the photos are...and seeing you onsite you didnt miss an angle...Well Done!!!