Sunday, February 26, 2006

Recent exhibit

Saturday evening I was invited to exhibit my fine art photographs at the 4th annual “A Wine and Chocolate Experience” fundraiser to benefit the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Western PA/ WVA Chapter. More than 850 people attended the event. The evening was a great success and a wonderful opportunity to meet several other local artists. If you would like to purchase any of these pieces please contact the studio. Prints are available in several sizes, framed or un-framed.

Friday, February 17, 2006


I so enjoy when I get a couple in who just wants something different. Weston and Krysta are getting married in 2007. They wanted an engagement photo that celebrated their love. I wanted to express the warmth and caring I felt from them. In the end I think we all got exactly what we wanted. I know Weston did, and I'm not talking about the picture.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I first photographed Norm a few months ago when he came in with a few Boy Scouts. Norm’s passion is Scouting as evident by his chest full of medals. I seriously don’t know how he stands when wearing that jacket, it weighs a ton!

Last week I again had the opportunity to make Norm’s portrait. This time he came in with just one particular medal -- a special award he received from the President of Italy. He was dressed in his full tux and tails. Impressive sight. Impressive man. It was an honor to photograph him.

In case your wondering, Norm sells soap. Lots of soap. He was the International Vice President of a major soap company. He speaks five (or is it six?) languages fluently. Along with Scouting he also has a passion for fine automobiles, specifically Rolls Royce. He owns several. Fascinating fellow, Norm.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Paper Art

Meet Art. Art is one of those great people you just gotta love. He’s a little bit out there, but in a good way. Art sells paper. Good paper. This shot was done as a promo piece for a paper show. Paper Art. Kewl. After the shoot we all flew paper airplanes... at Art.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Recent Work

Thought it would be fun to toss out some recent work. Between October 1st and December 31st I made somewhere around 50,000 exposures. Yes, 50,000! Busy, very busy. Not much sleep. Felt like that guy from Dunkin Donuts... gotta make the pictures. Jobs ran the gamut from weddings to portraits to a smattering of commercial work. Never boring!

Justin is a Young Marine. He came in for a senior portrait, standard picture, nothing fancy. As we were talking he told me about being a Marine. I got excited! Told him to come back with his uniform and a saber. As soon as I said saber I realized that was not going to happen, real Marines EARN their saber, they don't borrow one for a picture. You can imagine how shocked I was when he came back with one. This is one great kid and he has earned the respect of his CO hence, the saber.

This was a really awesome wedding. African couple who got married in Pittsburgh. Several Priests were from Africa, including the one who made his picture from the alter. Cool moment with an unusual twist. Love that serendipity!

I've been told before if I could make pictures in my sleep I probably would. Yeah, probably would. These were made "just because." They are images literally right outside my front door... like within eight feet! I do a lot of this type of thing. Boxers shadow box to stay sharp, I look for things others pass by to exercise my eye.


The great thing about what I do is it’s fun. On a daily basis I get to meet really cool people.

Amanda came into the studio because she needed a few pictures for a beauty contest she decided to enter on a lark. Her mom has been a big fan of my work for quite a while so I got the nod for the job. What a blast it was! We cranked up some Salsa music on the stereo and all started to dance around while I shot pictures, lots of pictures. The results were terrific and in little over an hour we got a full portfolio with many different looks and multiple clothing changes. This is but one of many selects from that shoot.

Good luck, Amanda, and thanks for the dance!

Engagement Session

Saturday my friend Andy came in with Andrea, his fiancé, for their engagement photo. Nice couple! We had a fun time making a great series of pictures. Lots of love between them.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Welcome to my blog. On here you will find news, recent work and special things happening, not to mention anything else I happen to want to post! I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do and come back often. Peace.