Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hip Hip Hooray, it’s 2007! I hope you are as jazzed as I am about all the new opportunities that lie ahead in the New Year. I gave up making “resolutions” long ago because they were too easy to break (most didn’t last more than a couple of weeks). I do however believe very strongly in setting and achieving goals, and while I’m not quite ready to share them with the world, I will say I have a lot to accomplish this year!

We are excited about the coming wedding season! So far we have booked a lot of great weddings and would love to book another 15-20 awesome events. So if you got engaged over the holidays, or you know someone who did, give us a call ASAP!! Much to our surprise we still have 07.07.07 open!

On the personal side, I’m getting back into working out every day. I know my personal trainer, Weston Lyon, will be happy to hear that! While ‘round’ is a shape, it’s not a good shape to be in.

Many other changes are in the works, but for those you’ll just have to stay tuned!

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