Wednesday, May 28, 2008

University of Pittsburgh eSession!

I love to shoot engagement sessions. First, it gives me the chance to get to know couples I'll be photographing at their wedding. Also important, they get to know me and how I work so, on the day of their wedding, nobody is surprised when, without warning, I throw myself to the ground to get an cool angle! But mostly, they're fun!!! We have a great time exploring an area (or areas) that are important to the people I'm photographing.

Teresa and Eric are an awesome couple and asked to be photographed at their Alma Mater, the University of Pittsburgh. We wandered, we shot lots of pictures and afterward, by chance, I asked if they would like to have dinner at LuLu's Noodles. Teresa almost teared up -- that was where they had their first date! A perfect ending to a perfect evening. But not until we did just a few more shots at the Carnegie Museum on the way back to our cars. When the light is that "juicy" as it was Tuesday, you just have to make one more.

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