Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bethany and Jet -- Fox Chapel Golf Club reception

Hi folks! It's been a LONG time I know for one simple reason -- the busy season has begun! But (thankfully) because of a last minute schedule change I found myself with a rare, non-shooting weekend. Woo Hoo! So what did I do with this time of leisure you ask? I stayed inside and caught up on my digital processing, of course!! I know, not very exciting, but I managed to complete five commercial jobs along with several wedding orders. Oh yes, and blog again!!

Two weeks ago I shot a fabulous wedding for a great couple, Bethany and Jet. His name isn't "really" Jet, but he's from Norway and Bethany started calling him that shortly after they met. According to his Viking friends who were attending, the name fits.

And if you're wondering, yes, the couple lives in Norway. Oslow to be exact.

Hope you enjoy the show.

And PS. I'll be photographing Bethany's sister's wedding in a couple of months.

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