Monday, October 09, 2006

“Sometimes I photograph just to see what things look like on film” – Garry Winogrand (1928-1984)

I’ve liked that line since the day I first heard it in college. In many ways it describes my philosophy on photography, too. When I’m working on a personal project I often photograph to see what the subject will look like in two dimensions, with a particular lens or at some obscure angle.

Of course there’s a big line between intentional experimentation and just snapping a ton of images hoping something will come out cool. I usually have an image in my minds eye before I snap the first picture.

Digital makes it so simple to just keep making picture after picture until you get what you’re seeing in your head. ‘Back in the day’ we only had 36 exposures on each roll of film. HA! Today when we reach 36 we’re reaching for the next flashcard. Yesterday I got a 2 Gig SD card for my new snap shot carry around camera, a Canon ELF. Besides the fact the camera is awesome, my 2 Gig card allows me to make more than 700 photos before changing “film.” Seven hundred! That’s about what we use to get out of 20 rolls of 35mm film. We live in amazing times!

The following photo is one from a day of making images just because. I had this image in my minds eye all day and was very happy when it all came together. A little Photoshop work this morning and it’s done. Hope you like it, too.


Kevin Keelan said...

Hey Terry,
I am a friend of Ray the man Santana. He speaks highly of you.

Nice site! and I ejoyed reading your blog. keep up the great work:)


daria said...

hi terry!
I can totally relate to this entry! I am shooting now with 4 gig cards and I love it!
here's some funny news...I got my first photo in Newsweek this week and my evil twin "Dana Bishop" got the photo credit. oh well.
I hope you are doing awesome!