Thursday, October 26, 2006

The fall colors are fading fast. Seems like only a few days ago it was totally green, then, almost overnight, the trees exploded in brilliant shades of red, orange and golden yellow. This morning I noticed a lot of brown tones are beginning to overtake the color.

As a photographer with roots in landscape and nature photography I love this time of the year. Unfortunately, other priorities this season have negated the time I usually spend making pictures in the woods. To capture something of the season I've capitalized on every opportunity. This picture was photographed behind Costco in Robinson Township. I was there buying gas when I saw the sun peak out from behind the steel gray clouds. I jumped on the opportunity. I hope you like it.

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Ray Santana said...

Terry what can i tell you your shots r always sharp.Missed you in miami ,was going to NewYork with mike but he cancelled. Going to be in Miami till thursday than fying up to the OC again to help Mike Colon with another BIG wed miss you dude wish you could be there again to but i know your busy now talk to you soon :)