Saturday, January 15, 2011

NYC Street Photography | Cheryl Dunn filmmaker

Photographers have been capturing images on the street since the beginning of photography. New York City, being the epicenter of the photographic universe, has always been a favorite subject. Of course it doesn't hurt that NYC has a huge and diverse population teeming with characters of all stripes. Just sayin.

Not long ago, Filmmaker Cheryl Dunn was commissioned by the Seaport Museum in New York to create a series of documentary pieces highlighting some of the best photographers working the street today. These are the masters of the art and craft of capturing a fleeting moment. Their eyes are sharp and their reflexes cat like in quickness.

On a personal note, two of the participants in the series, Mary Ellen Mark and Bruce Davidson, were highly influential in the early stages of my career. Their images spoke to me in ways others did not and inspired me to develop my own ability to capture the fleeting moment.

... Note of warning... Ricky Powell is what you might call, a bit rough even for a New Yorker. The film was not edited for polite language so if you're sensitive to profanity you might skip that segment.

See Everybody Street by clicking the link.

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