Monday, January 24, 2011

Leica Fotografie International | Terry Clark Photography

Monday evening I was elated to find out that Leica Fotografie International has accepted two more of my photos in the Master Shots Gallery! These are images Leica has judged to be among the best of all the images submitted from across the globe. This is the third and fourth photo published on their website in two months.

The photographs they selected were from the first tests with my new Leica M9 digital camera. The first image is of my buddy Jim as he enjoys a cigar at Bloom's Cigar on the Southside. The second picture was made right around the corner from the cigar shop of the reflection in the windows of the Iron and Glass Bank. Not a bad 20 minutes of shooting on a freezing Saturday afternoon!

Now I can't wait to do some serious photography with the M9!

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