Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pittsburgh Photographer | Photo Technique | Camera Cleaning Tutorial | Moose Peterson

I'm a very anal Virgo type person. Think "Monk." Almost. But sometimes I slip and it's nice to be reminded.

Moose Peterson is one of the best, no, Moose is THE best nature photographer working today. Hands down, no comparison. He's also a gifted and giving teacher. His site is a treasure trove of inspiration and education. But the video tutorial series I want to highlight is his very interesting method of cleaning his gear.

Cleaning? Yes, cleaning. Back in the day when cameras were cheap and lenses not really all that expensive many photographers would clean their stuff only when the grime got so bad you could no longer move the controls. Well, that might have worked OK when a new camera body was $400 and a new lens was $200, but now with a new body setting you back $4,000 or more, and a professional quality lens coming in at a cool $2K, it behooves you to take care of your gear. In other words, keep it clean, keep it packed safe and don't abuse those little mini-computers so when the moment is right, your camera will work.

You can view his series on proper cleaning techniques HERE.

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Bob said...

Great Tutorial! Thanks for the reminder about how important cleaning all this expensive gear is!