Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun shoot

I have to admit, I LOVE what I do!  I get to meet the coolest people from all walks of life.  I laugh, joke and make people happy.  It's Goodtimes every day!

This week I had an awesome time shooting a series of ads for Robert Morris University.  I've been doing this photography since they started the campaign (maybe you've seen the billboards around town).  They're great folks and we've all become good friends -- can't ask for anything better than that!

Bringing out the personality of the subjects, most who have never stood before a photographer other than for their high school senior portrait is the challenging part.  But, with an inquisitive mind and a dash of crazy humor it doesn't take long before they open up and show themselves.  That's where the fun begins!  Finding that one moment when their guard is down and their inner self glows is priceless.  

Here's a wide outtake from our shoot showing my lighting set-up.  The main light is hand held by my assistant because I kinda move around a lot with the subject when I shoot.  Sort of my own little dance.  

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