Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving... now go wild!

It's Thanksgiving week. Today is my last day in the office till Saturday. I'm going to do something totally different, totally wild. This week I'm pulling a few odd pieces of gear out of the cabinet and going wild. I'm shooting film. Yeah, I know, I've been doing that here and there with my Leica M cameras. But this is different. It's going to be an old SLR system (for those who wonder that means Single Lens Reflex). No auto focus. Gotta have an eye ball in there, and fingers to turn the focus ring. No motor drive. Gotta have a thumb to advance the film and cock the shutter. No zoom either. Just a simple body with a few simple lenses. Three. Just three lenses -- 25, 50 and 135. Oh there are a few more, but that's enough. More than enough.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and remember to give thanks for what you have, who you have with you and what the future may hold. It's a beautiful life. Enjoy.

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