Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Neo-Victorian Steam Punk Wedding | Latrobe Wedding Photography | Laura & Mike's Wedding

On August 14th I had the pleasure of photographing the most unique wedding I've ever experienced -- Laura and Mike's Neo-Victorian Steampunk themed wedding. This is what happens when two self-professed geeks marry.

It was a great wedding and reception at the uber cool DiSalvo's Station in downtown Latrobe, PA. Located UNDER the railroad tracks you could hear the trains roll above all night long. It was absolutely perfect!

So what is Steam Punk? As I was told, think Jules Verne, or better still, the movie The Wild, Wild West. Gears, clocks, wheels and of course, Victorian dress (bowlers for the men. And facial hair.). Naturally the full explanation is more involved, but you get the idea.

Laura and Mike, thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your day. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak, there are a lot more to come!

Hand made jewelry for Laura

Ahhh, sibling love

Laura and Mike's dads dressed for the occasion, complete with bushy mustaches!

A piece of steam punk art

Grandmother was dressed for the day

complete with vintage pocket watch

The seating assignments were train tickets

Tears came from both bride and groom

What an awesome cake! And the custom gear stand was way cool!!

A conductor took care of the kiss requests by punching the seating ticket

A stroll down the tracks

Father - daughter dance


Mai Lynn said...

Eeee!!! *bounces* Terry, these look amazing!! Oooh, I can't wait to see the rest!!

Mike and I *love* you! You were a big part of our day, don't you dare say small! X3

Carolyn said...

Terry, these pictures are simply beautiful! They so capture the emotion, the timelessness, the pure fun of that day. And I can say that it was a pleasure having you around - you were fun and easygoing and I never minded you snapping all the photos you did, even in the morning when us girls were a mess. :)

Diane said...

This is SO cool, Terry. I've always greatly admired your creativity. And it looks like you're still having fun! Take care.