Thursday, July 08, 2010

Stacey & Jim's Engagement session | Uniontown Wedding Photography

It was a hot and steamy day, not a day you wanted to spend too much time outside. So rather than battle the elements, Stacey and Jim decided to have their engagement photos made inside the place they first met -- the Titlow Tavern and Grill in downtown Uniontown. A good choice it was! Not only was it air conditioned but the light was absolutely lovely bouncing around inside the early 1900's building. Luckily, with a November wedding we shouldn't have to deal with the same heat. Hopefully, then again, this is Western PA! Thanks for the great afternoon and I'll see you guys soon!!

This is the EXACT spot where they first met

It's the Real Thing... sorry, but I couldn't resist
(for those who don't understand, that's Coke's slogan)

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