Monday, May 03, 2010

Chicago Wedding | Lisa and Brian | Chicago Pen Show

May 1st was a day of firsts. It was the "official" first wedding of my 2010 season. It was also my first wedding in the Chicago area. And, it was the first time a couple were ever married at a pen show.

Pen show? Yes, gather several hundred avid collectors of new and vintage writing instruments in one room and you have a pen show. Chicago is one of the oldest and biggest shows in the country. The couple, Lisa and Brian, are collectors who met through the hobby so it was only natural for them to be wed where they met.

Their rings, modeled after Esterbrook pen cap bands.

Lisa and Brian

Brian writing Lisa a note with a very special pen

Lisa reading the note

Mother and son, with daughter in the background

Exchanging the vows, quite literally.

This is the pen set that started the romance. Lisa bought one of the pens from an Ebay seller. Brian, found the other pen, through a private seller. At the time, neither knew the other one had the "missing" half of the set. The odds of two collectors each buying half of an engraved set without the others knowledge must be huge. If so, what are the odds of those same people meeting, falling in love and "discovering" they each had half of a set. Almost chilling when you think about the odds.


Anonymous said...

they are beautiful people inside and out!

Anonymous said...

Wishing Lisa and Brian a lifetime of happiness, blessings, good health and the joy of hunting together for Esterbrook pens. It was a beautiful wedding. Len

Dov Randel said...

Great pix and memories from a unique + memorable pen show wedding. Worthy of the chicago trib as well.

Thanks for these Terry. May Brian and Lisa have PENtiful happiness and joy in their married lives.

Dov from across the pond and lake.