Monday, April 12, 2010

A day in the life of a family - Russian Orthodox Baptism

Saturday I had the honor of documenting an important moment in a family's life - the Baptism of their son, Geoffrey, at St. Vladimir's Russian Orthodox Church. This is the second Baptism they commissioned me to cover. Three years ago their daughter, Anna, was Baptized.

I love creating picture stories for families. The 'day in the life' type work fits perfectly with my background as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist. I capture moments, emotion and action as it unfolds. In the end it's not just a record of an event, it's a slice of life preserved for generations to look back on and remember. This summer I will do a number of private commissions of this type of work.

Before the actual Baptism took place I set up a portable studio in the Church basement and made a series of formal family portraits. Because everyone came from out of town it was important to this family to have these pictures. They will make a nice section of their book - a formal record of everyone attending.

Thank you everyone for putting your trust in me to capture your very special day. It was an honor and a pleasure to be witness to such a beautiful ceremony. God Bless.

Father Michael giving a final blessing

Mother and son

Father and son

Never have I seen two more serious little boys.

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