Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More favorites of 08

Next up, some of my favorite candid moments captured in 2008.  

Over the many years I worked as a news photojournalist I developed a keen sense of observation and timing allowing me to capture slices of life as they unfold.  This skill is the backbone of my wedding coverage and why so many couple seek me out to document their day.  Off moments, great expressions and dramatic compositions really aid in telling the story of the wedding.  Sometimes these images are significant only to the couple who commission my services, while other times the images are so universal they appeal to the masses.  Regardless of their reach, each one is a special moment in the grand story of the day.

Fear is always a great emotion!

No time to waste. 

Harvey was elated to see the antique car Amie rented as a surprise.

When dad sang to Bethany she was overcome with emotion.

The Florida bridesmaids were freezing during the cold snap we had in August.

Childhood memories shared.

Kids will be kids!

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