Monday, December 01, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II is coming!


I found out today my first of two Canon 5D Mark II camera bodies is on its way!!  Woo HOO!!  

When Canon first announced this 21 megapixel monster I called my favorite camera shop, Midwest Photo Exchange, and got on their priority list.  Ironically, I called Dan this morning just to check since I heard a rumor the cameras had started shipping.  This afternoon it became official, the first one is rolling out of Columbus and should arrive at my studio tomorrow.  Believe me I can't wait!  

OK, I know, the camera doesn't make the picture, the photographer does, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Maybe it's a case of 'big boys and their toys' or just keeping up with technology (yeah, that's it, that sounds good) but whatever you want to call it this camera ROCKS.  

So who needs 21 megapixels?  For weddings, nobody really.  That kind of resolution is insane.  Let's be honest, 21 megapixels will create a 63 megabyte file -- SIXTY THREE MEG!  Do you know anyone who wants a 40x60 (or larger) print from their wedding?  Not to many, but this camera could do it with ease.

But I do a lot more than photograph weddings.  I do a lot of commercial and advertising photography.  Ahhh, this is where a file that big will SHINE!  Now I can deliver enormous images to art directors who will stand in awe of their size and revel as they reduce the photo multiple times to fit the page layout.  Yes, I said reduce.  Except in rare circumstances the images coming out of this camera will be reduced for use.  Sigh.  

But wait, there's more!  It's not all about megapixels.  This camera has a load of advanced features like high ISO with little to no grain (noise); increased color bit depth; self cleaning sensor; espresso port!  OK, maybe not the later, but a caffeine addict can dream, right?

Anyway, I was excited and wanted to shout to the world.  For me, this is really a wonderful early Christmas present.  And no danger of putting an eye out.  Hopefully.  Sure glad I added two more terabyte drives this week...

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Nick said...

What are you going to test it out on first?