Saturday, September 13, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

Yes, after a very busy few weeks with tons of assignments and many weddings I get a rare, relaxing, kick back Saturday to recharge my own batteries.  

Well, almost... something big is afoot.  I'm doing leg work today for that project.  Stay tuned for more details.  This is going to one of those jobs of a lifetime!

The last several weeks have been insanely busy.  As most know, I also do commercial and advertising photography.  During the week I could be found anywhere from a boardroom to a steel mill to a college campus.  I like a mix of assignments -- it keeps me fresh for everything else I photograph, including weddings!  By far the majority of my work centers around people.  I'm not much for shooting products sitting on a table.  It's hard to interact with something that can't talk back.

So, on my "slow" Saturday I thought I would post some recent "other" shoots.  Some of these projects have been completed while others are still "in progress."  There are several more projects I've been working on not pictured, but those haven't progressed enough to be shown to the public.  

Enjoy the day!  

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