Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just got back from an incredible wedding this weekend in California with my good friend Mike Colon and new friend, and terrific photographer, Ray Santana. It was the most lavish and expensive wedding I've shot to date. When Mike asked a few weeks ago if I would come out to help him I was totally stoked. Unfortunately because of a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement I cannot talk about it or show any images, but if you Google around you'll see lots of press, the paparazzi were staked out on the hillsides and more. Hopefully someday I can show some shots, but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks again, Mike, for putting your faith and trust with me. I'm so glad we were able to, as you said, "nail the shots!"

Here's a picture I "borrowed" from Mike's site of us doing a pose to show off our uber stylish Panerai. The shot was made late into what turned out to be around a 19 hour day.

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daria said...

Terry, I am totally jazzed for you to have had such a fun photography adventure! Yahoo!!
:) Daria