Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Western PA School for Blind Children

The most rewarding assignments I receive are those where I am allowed to just go out and find images packed with emotion. Finding special moments in daily life is what I'm all about. Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore the wonderful work done at the Western PA School for Blind Children. The staff there are simply angles doing incredible things helping God's children. I feel truly blessed their designer, Pam Peters, President of MarketSpace Communications, entrusted me to document this amazing facility for their annual report.

When I sent Pam a few images from the shoot last night she sent me this note:


These are absolutely gorgeous.

You are amazing with the camera!


Thank you, Pam, for the beautiful opportunity to witness the love and dedication of everyone at the school.


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Keep blessing people!

Killer stuff!

daria said...

Wow Terry...I am inspired!!